Nikolai Moderbacher

Nikolai Moderbacher started to seriously work with wood in a cabinet/furniture shop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard during the late 90s. After hours were spent creating mostly functional art furniture using cheap sources, such as forklift palettes or a spray cart, readily available in industrial dumpsters. It was during this time that Moderbacher developed a passion for process and keeping an open mind when approaching one’s materials, allowing the wood and each step dictate the direction of the pieces.

In 2004 Nikolai moved to California to attend the MFA program in the Wood/Furniture Department at CCA (California College of the Arts) in San Francisco, where he not only completed his masters degree in 2006, but also was selected for the 2005 Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship in the Fine Arts.

After returning to Brooklyn in 2006 with his wife and daughter, Nikolai’s focus has shifted a bit, on small and concise projects and proposals, boiled down conceptual and functional art furniture as well as efforts to elevate the status of wood and it’s inherent beauty and natural connection.