Call For Entries

12X12 COUTURE JEWELRY + CUTLERY KNIVES THE EXHIBITION announces it’s call for entries to NYC jewelry and knife designers.

12 x 12 Jewelry + Knives will utilize salvaged nails from twelve demolished New York City structures for the creation of works by contemporary designers. Presented by Sawkill Lumber and Linhardt Design, it will take place at the Linhardt Gallery in lower Manhattan during the Fall of 2014 and Spring Fashion Week 2015 (location TBA).The project follows the 12 x 12 furniture design exhibition, held during NYC Design Week 2012.

The iron nails – extracted primarily from the reclaimed antique lumber utilized for the 12 x 12 furniture design exhibit, represents a range of boroughs, eras and nail types: including 19th c. “Class B cut nails” from Joseph Pulitzers Upper East Side horse stable, a lower East Side Tenement or a Meatpacking District warehouse; mid-century Steel wire nails from a Park Avenue rooftop water tank and a Queens distillery; Stainless screw bolts from the Coney Island boardwalk; Steel spikes from South Street Seaport; and nails from other structures that have been dismantled in the city within recent years.

Through the collaborative event, the material culture of twelve lost historical structures is renewed by contemporary design, a transformation that reflects the magic of New York.   Twelve jewelry designers and twelve knife makers will be selected for the exhibit through both a juried and curatorial process. The twenty-four works will be sold via silent auction over the course of the exhibit and online. Proceeds from the pieces will be distributed to programs aimed at job training for underserved New York City communities, with a percentage returned to designers.


The exhibition is open to all individuals and companies that design and fabricate in the five boroughs of New York City. Established designers, as well as exciting emerging talent (including students) are welcome to submit portfolios for jury review. Submission requirements include completion of the event application and at least three images, either by web link or email. There is no submission fee. Salvaged materials are supplied by Sawkill Lumber Co.   The following outlines some of the elements considered in the jury selection.

HIGH QUALITY: We are looking for modern, contemporary design that is appealing, thought–provoking, and crafted to a very high standard.
INNOVATION: We want to see strong ideas and concepts that are individual, unique and present new ways of using scrap iron nails, and that potentially re-combine the visual and sensory implications of other materials.
SUSTAINABILITY: We will consider not only the quality of the work being submitted but it’s sustainability in materials and process.


  • Our independent selection panel will include prominent design editors and journalists, industry influences, and jewelry designers.
  • Following the jury selection, participants will be notified and provided with up to a pound of salvaged NYC nails, either chosen at a pre-design event or to be picked up at Linhardt Design.
  • Detailed photos and information of the buildings and wood lot where the nails were sourced is available to each participant.
  • Two months are provided for the design process.
  • The exhibit offers participants 1) A percentage return from sale of each work. 2) Display in all exhibition events. 3) Professional PR and media outreach. 4) Raw material with documented history. 5) Studio photography and a short profile video that features the jewelry making process.
  • Participants must agree to 1) exhibition deadlines and 2) the signing of a written agreement to donate proceeds of the created work to the non-profit beneficiary. Designers can suggest a sale value for the work, but pricing will be set by organizers.


  • Jewelry design participants are asked to create one couture jewelry work and at least one everyday piece. Knife designers may create one piece or a multiple set of cutlery with the allotted 19th and 20th c. nails.
  • Additional scrap or natural materials (wood, stones, resin, other metals etc) can be used in smaller percentage or as a less featured material in the design. Reclaimed and sustainable materials are encouraged.
  • The nails can be used as-is, smelted, casted, forged and finished in any way. The exhibit embraces creative re-combination of materials along with cultural heritage, local craftsmanship and innovative technology.


A salvaged nail design charrette provides a hub of creative exchange between designers and organizers, and  is an opportunity to distribute material. Participants can also acquire an overview of the historic structures that may inform the design work. Participants will also have an opportunity to contribute input to the 12 x 12 exhibit series and public outreach.


The design and branding of the exhibition will project a high quality image to the media and public. There is an experienced team in place, including a PR professional, along with the involvement of organizers and participants, to capitalize on the project. The exhibit will reach leading fashion and design media, manufacturers, retailers, buyers, galleries, and the general public.   The coverage for the 12 x 12 furniture exhibit in the Spring 2012 included a feature story in the NY Times and it’s design week video, WFMU Radio, New York Magazine, American Craft (front cover), and dozens of online industry sites, such as Core 77, Design Milk and Materialicious. 12 x 12 Jewelry and Knives will work to build on this media outreach within the fashion industry and to the general public. The event web site is 12x12nyc.com.


The closing date for applications is June 15, 2014. The application below must be completed (www.12x12nyc.com) before June 15th to be considered. All applicants will be notified of the selection panelʼs decisions by May 31, 2014.




May 21, 2014

Call For Entries (CFE)

June 15, 2014

CFE deadline

June 25, 2014

Jury selection

July 1, 2014

Participants announced

July 20, 2014

Nail distribution / Design Charrette

October 1, 2014

Design work due

October, 2014


November, 2014

Fall 2014 exhibit

February, 2015

Fashion Week 2015 exhibit

Spring 2015

Distribution of items to buyers


The event is organized and co-sponsored by Sawkill Lumber Co. and Linhardt Design.


Lisa Linhardt, Linhardt Design, www.linhardtdesign.com 917 748 9000
Alan Solomon, Sawkill Lumber Co., info@sawkil.com, 917.862.7910  For additional information or press inquires:Alan Solomon Sawkill Lumber Lisa Linhardt Linhardt Design info@12x12nyc.com 917.862.7910 917.338.7822


– At least 3 images of design work. 

– Completed form below.

– Bio, resume or web link.